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1 "Granddaddy Cornish traveled on foot with a wagon to OK to claim land and they stayed there 4 years, but the dust bowl ruined their crops and he came back home. He borrowed money from Lady Bird Johnson's father who had a store in Mooringsport, LA ($100) and brought the family back. They lived in tents on Caddo Lake and he fished and looked for pearls for a living. They later moved into Mooringsport into a big house and then Granddaddy bought a farm in Haynesville and they moved there.....Grandmother (America) got sick and her children took turns staying with her until she died 5/6/1960. Granddaddy Cornish died 7/28/1967". Information provided by Jeannine Miller, granddaughter of William and America Cornish.

In BLM-ES, GLO Records there is a Homestead Certificate No. 12834, Application 23627 signed "by" T. Roosevelt, registered in Camden, Arkansas, for the claim of William J. CORNISH. (Issued 02/22/1906.) 
CORNISH, William Jackson (I1262)
2 "ODESSA --- Zelphia Brantley, 81, of Odessa died Saturday, January 15, 2000, at Medical Center Hospital.

Services will be 10 a.m. Tuesday at Faith Tabernacle Assembly of God with the Rev. Norman R. Owens officiating. Arrangements by Hubbard-Kelly Funeral home.

She was born April 4, 1918 in Allendale, MO.

Mrs. Brantley came to Odessa in 1935 and worked in food management for most of her life.

Survivors include her daughter, Karen Patterson of Clay Center, Kan.; three grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren".

Found on-line "OA Online Obituaries"
MAUDLIN, Zelphia Leanor (I92)
3 "The French Canadians Volume 3, 1600-1900" shows:
"Oligny, Marie-Francoise, married in 1784 in Chambly, (PQ457-410) 
OLIGNY, Marie-Francoise (I391)
4 "The French Canadians Volume 3, 1600-1900" shows:
Oligny, Hubert, living in 1861 in Lasalle, (PQ134-24). Wonder if it is this Hubert? 
OLIGNY, Hubert (I426)
5 "The French Canadians Volume 3, 1600-1900" shows:
Oligny, Isaac, living in 1861 in Lasalle, (PQ134-24)
Not sure if it is our Issac though. 
OLIGNY, Isaac Theophile (I372)
6 "The French Canadians Volume 3, 1600-1900" shows:
Oligny, Theophile, commissioner, living in 1871 in St. Remi (PQ2-1476)
OLIGNY, Theophile (I422)
7 "The French Canadians, Volume 3, 1600-1900" shows:
Oligny dit Mathurin, Jean, married in 1759 in Montreal, (PQ457-338)
OLIGNY, Jean-Baptiste I (I380)
8 1018 Franklin, Napa

The 1930 Napa CA Census shows Charles KATHER living with sister Lillian GRIFFITH and Niece Mary SAMPSON.

Edward's death certificate shows he was residing at 1018 Franklin St. His sister Lillian GRIFFITHS was the informant on the certificate and also lived at this address. 
KATHER, Edward Charles (I1201)
9 31 May 2001: Aunt Bill will be 96 in July 2001 and lives in Minden, LA. Information provided by Jeannine Miller. CORNISH, Willie Mae (I1275)
10 A Mrs. V. GIROTTI, who lived at 201 Main St., Watsonville, was the informant on Maria's death certificate. The undertaker was J.E. Freeman. VASQUEZ, Maria Rafaela (I1212)
11 According to "Historical Collections of Georgia," by Ref. George White, M.A., published 1854, (pages 589-590), Chesley MCKENZIE and Henry CANNON were included the list of original settler of Rabun County, GA. Rabun County was laid out in 1819.

According to the "Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia 1827 66th Day's Drawing-May 22 RABUN Pg. 206," Chesley and his son Absalom were "Fortunate Drawers". Absolom was in Captains District: Godfreys, Number: 183, District 11, Carroll County, and Absalom was Captains District: do (I assume that means ditto and it was also Godfreys?, Number: 101, District 6, Carroll County. 
MCKENZIE, Chesley (I2116)
12 According to "North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868," Jacob and Catherine FOUTS SHEETS were married 14 Jan 1786 in Randolph County, North Carolina. Witness was J. HARPER and Bondsman was David FOUTS. Family F635
13 According to "The History of the City of Saint Paul," in 1850 Wyman BAKER was one of the men on the first grand jury ever drawn for Ramsey County, MN.

According to the 1850 Federal Census, Ramsey County, Minnesota Territory, Wyman and his family were living with Aaron and Eleanor WILLIAMS, Lill FORD and James HOFF (HUFF?)

In the 1860 Census, Wyman and family were living in Saratoga Springs, Saratoga County, NY.

In 1870 Wyman is found living without his family as a farm laborer with the WOODWORTH family in Rosemound, Dakota County, MN.

In the 1880 Census, Wyman is back with his wife, Harriet, living next door to their son, Francis (Frank) and Frank's wife Margaret STRATHERN. They are living in Stevens, Stevens County, MN.

In the Minnesota Civil War Soldiers Database there is a PVT Wyman BAKER, 41, who resided in Dakota County, MN. He entered service in 1861 and was discharged in 1865. 
BAKER, Wyman (I2122)
14 According to 04 Oct 1994 letter from Robert V. Drennan to Jerry V. Collins, Robert found an affidavit of Agnes dated 1871 in Red River County TX. She gave the death date of Henry as 11 Jul 1870. There was a description about 215 acres by Shawnee creek about 18 miles SE of Clarksville. I have a copy of the letter but I don't remember where I found it online. BRANTLEY, Henry (I123)
15 According to a typewritten card in the possession of Frank E. Baker: Frank died of Myocarditis (Chronic) and worked as a laborer. Residence, Rio Vista, CA. Attending Physician was Dr. A.R. Thompson. It has him being born in MN but it was always thought he was born in Maine? BAKER, Francis (I1196)
16 According to an article in the Marshfield Times dated 26 Aug 1904, the marriage of Miss Elizabeth OLIGNEY and Charles BEELL was solemnized at the home of the bride's parents on South Maple street yesterday morning at 8:30. The young couple were married by Rev. L. Thom and the bride was accompanied by the Misses Kaura BOLTE and Anna REESE, and the groom by Edward OLIGNEY and William HELM. OLIGNEY, Elizabeth (I320)
17 According to Anne Clements notes, Nancy never married or had children. SHEETS, Nancy (I1556)
18 According to Arkansas Confederate Pensions Form submitted by Nicey, Jasper's, wife, Jasper died in Battle in Jul 1862 in Cold Water Mississippi. MCKENZIE, Jasper E. (I42)
19 According to notes of Margaret Harmon, Both Jacob & Susannah are buried at Phillipi Cemetery along with all their children except James who is buried at Brushy Cemetery near Alpine, AR in Clark County. SHEETS, Jacob Jr. (I1517)
20 According to the 20 Aug 1935 edition of the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, Arthur and his family were seriously ill from eating poison mushrooms. There is a photo of the family on page 7.

Just a week after the mushroom article, there is another one about a tragic automobile/train accident involving Arthur. He and another man, Ben Love, were killed instantly when struck by the train. The articles were in the 29 Aug 1935 and 05 Sep 1935 editions of the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune. 
OLIGNEY, Arthur Leroy (I635)
21 According to the Clark County Arkansas Marriage Records 1821-1879 by McLane, Andrew J. and Amanda SHEETS HOLDER were married 25 Jam 1859 by T.C. RICHARDSON, JP, D-92. Family F634
22 According to the Clark County Arkansas Marriage Records 1821-1879 by McLane, George and Kisia WADE SHEETS were married by Goodin DEATON, JP. C-397. Family F627
23 According to the Clark County Arkansas Marriage Records 1821-1879 by McLane, Henry and Sela SHEETS PATRICK were married 20 Jam 1866 by B.L. BRIDGES, JP, E-33. Family F630
24 According to the Clark County Arkansas Marriage Records 1821-1879 by McLane, Jacob and Nancy Louisa EASLEY SHEETS were married by John WRIGHT, JP, D-306. Family F629
25 According to the Clark County Arkansas Marriage Records 1821-1879 by McLane, Jesse and Eliza J. SUTTON SHEETS were married 23 Dec 1858 by T.C. RICHARDSON, JP, D-86. Family F618
26 According to the North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868, Andrew and Catherine BARE SHEETS' Bondsman was Daniel BARE and Witness was A. MITCHELL. Bond # 000167313. Family F648
27 Adam W. Rutkowski was a Captain with the City Fire Department. His Godparents were Joseph Rutkowski and Maryanno Nowakowski. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. RUTKOWSKI, Adam W. (I311)
28 Adolph's obituary in the Stevens Point Daily Journal of Thursday 30 Oct 1980, says he ws born on 18 May 1886 in Black River Falls, WI. OLIGNEY, Adolph Henry (I323)
29 After Sarah died, he married her sister, the twice widowed Martha Anderson Massey Moore on May 18, 1885. When Martha died in 1894, Allen waited a few years, then in 1899 at the age of 85 he married Mrs. Nancy Martin. Information provided by Pam Smith GENTRY, Allen Jr. (I2915)
30 Alice is in the 1930 Chicago City, Cook Co., US Census living with her husband Donald Sr., their son Donald Jr. and Donald's brother-in-law Eddie NELSON. It is possible that Alice's maiden name was NELSON? The census also has Alice born in Canada-Eng. UNKNOWN, Alice (I811)
31 Alphonse, 71, is living with his mother Marguerite, 95, and sister Odile Johnson, 56, in the 1930 River Falls, Pierce County, WI Census. Odile is Divorced. OLIGNEY, Alphonse (Oligny) (I340)
32 Although I cannot find a marriage date to confirm their marriage, the 1930 Stephens Co, TX Census has Hadgie as wife of Veto BRANTLEY living with their daughter Floy C. SHEETS, Hadgie Amby (I7)
33 America was only 15 years old when she ran off and married William J. Cornish in Paris, Texas. Information provided by Jeannine Miller. Family F523
34 Anna Beck was born in Stechlowitz #3, Bohemia, Parish Bernatic. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. BECKA, Anna Beczka (I219)
35 Anna's Godparents were Alphonse Nowakowski and Josepha Nodolney. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. RUTKOWSKI, Anna (I289)
36 Anna's Godparents were Vaclav and Maria Benda. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. SIMANEK, Anna Clara (I232)
37 Arminda and her mother Nicy were living with Marion, Martha, James and Alice in the 1880 Calhoun County MS Census.
Nicy was living with her daughter, Arminda, and her husband David Calcote in the 1900 Miller County AR Census. 
MCKENZIE, Arminda Jane (I44)
38 At the time of her marriage, Katherine lived at 2219 E. Madison Street. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. Family F91
39 Benjamin Fryer advises that Polly McGuire is Timothy's cousin. MCGUIRE, Polly (I2007)
40 Born in 1863 in Branice, #7, Bohemia. Listed as age 7 on 1870 Census. No record of death. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. KALAL, Frank (I208)
41 Born in 1908 Ashland Avenue, Baltimore, MD. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. SIMANEK, Elizabeth Caroline (I248)
42 Caroline, age 8, is living with John, Elizabeth, Bertha, Helen, Julius EVERSON and grandparents Iver and Ingebor OLESON in the 1870 Preston, Trempealeau County, WI census. Also in this household are Ole IVERSON and two people named THOMPSON (one is aged 26, male, and the other is aged 41, female. I cannot make out the first names of these two people but it might say they are Andy and Elizabeth). EVERSON, Caroline (I4162)
43 Charles ROSSINI is found in the "Foreign-Born Voters of California in 1872" at It shows him born abt. 1827 in Italy. ROSSINI, Charles (I2133)
44 Charles was Baptized Karol Rutkowski. His Godparents were Jan Muk and Ewa Witomski. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. RUTKOWSKI, Charles Joseph (I296)
45 Charles' headstone at Tulocay Cemetery in Napa, CA reads: "Charles E., son of E.C. & K. Kather, Born July 12, 1886 died Aug. 19, 1886 KATHER, Charles E. (I4125)
46 Death certificate does not have first name of her father or her Mothers first or maiden name. MONTGOMERY, Martha Paralee (I99)
47 Death Certificate says married to a MITCHELL but widowed. Obit says survived by one son, M.E. MITCHELL, of El Paso, and one grandson, Frederick MITCHELL of Midland. BRANTLEY, Angie (I166)
48 Dilla's death certificate says her husband's last name is Deakins NOT Deacons. PARKER, Dilla D. (I121)
49 Edward was a decorated WWII soldier. He had a son while stationed in Japan with a Japanese woman. (I think his son's name was James). OLIGNEY, Edward Francis (I178)
50 Edward's obituary in the Stevens Point Daily Journal dated 28 Apr 1964 says he was born in Black River Falls, WI on 20 Jul 1885. OLIGNEY, Edward Elmer (I322)
51 Espiridion's death certificate states that his DOB is 14 Nov 1853? The informant was his daughter, Maria VASQUEZ PATE of Monterey California. He was living at 732 Abrego in Monterey. VASQUEZ, Espiridion (I3941)
52 Faye McGuire advises that Nancy Caroline Cain died from a fall on the ice. CAIN, Nancy Caroline (I1986)
53 Fern's obituary in the Stevens Point Daily Journal, 10 Jan 1968, has her middle name as Grace. OCKER, Fern Marie (I724)
54 Frances and Robert were remarried at St. Patrick's Church on 09 Aug 1943. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. Family F121
55 Frances' Godparents were Maria and Wenceslaus Benda. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. SIMANEK, Frances Agnes (I237)
56 Frank and Maria were married with the following Witnesses: Joseph Simanek & Venclaus Benda. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski Family F78
57 Funeral arrangements made by Lester WOHLERS.

ADOLPH EDDIE WOHLERS, residence, Cabin 11, Sycamore Park between Rio Vista and Isleton. Died at residence at 1:00 p.m. on December 1959. Attending physician Dr. Geodfrey Steinert of Isleton, CA. Funeral services at C.E. Stewart Chapel in Rio Vista at 1:00 p.m. Dec 22, 1954. Buried at Tulocay Cemetery, Napa Ca. Cause of death, bronchopneumonia. Protestant Service by Rev. Plumlee of Isleton Community Methodist Church. Occuplation: Retired Leaderman from Todd Ship building company. Date and place of birth: 30 Jul 1878 in Napa, CA. Died at age 81 years 4 months 19 days. Fathers name & birthplace: John Wohlers, Germany, Mothers name and birthplace: Bertha Hart, Germany.

Don't know what year he died. 1959 or 1954. 
WOHLERS, Adolph Eddie (I2123)
58 George Washington and Etna Ader were married on May 25, 1901 in Coleman County, in the presence of Mrs. Annie Parker, Miss Goldie Galloway, A. Lee Brantley, and Couty Judge B.F. Rose. Family F37
59 Georgia was a methodist. Information provided by Norma Weeks, Lufkin, TX YOUNG, Georgia Anna (I1304)
60 Granville was also called "Munk" reports Faye McGuire. MCGUIRE, Granville (I1510)
61 GW's death certificate says he lived at 1503 E. Connell in Breckenridge TX. BRANTLEY, George Washington (I79)
62 Helen's Godparents were Joanes and Katharina Fuka. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski.

From the Enoch Pratt Free Library, Periodicals Department, Baltimore MD and copy of Helen's obit:

"OLIGNEY - On October 30, 1959 HELEN (Nee Fuka) of 7556 Westfield road, beloved wife of the late Lyle Oligney and dear mother of Mrs. Ruth Wayland, Edward, James, Lyle Oligney and Mrs. Helen Ornduff.
Services on Tuesday at 8:15 A.M. at the Cvach Funeral Home, 900 North Chester street. Requlem Mass at St. Wenceslaus Church at 9 A.M. Interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery, Visiting hours 2 until 10 P.M."

According to a copy of the City of Baltimore Death Certificate:

Helen died 30 Oct 1959 at St. Joseph's Hospital. She lived at 7556 Westfield Rd, #22, dob: 19 Feb 1899 in Baltimore Md. Informant was Ruth Wayland 2528 McComas Ave-22.

Helen died of Myosarcoma of the uterus 
FUKA, Helen (I5)
63 Hermenegilde and Narcisse immigrated to Nashua, New Hampshire briefly before settling in La Broquerie, Monitoba (about 1878) where Hermenegild died in Mar 1909. Information provided by Cathy Newman, Hermenigilde's great great granddaughter. OLIGNY, Hermenegilde (I361)
64 I found Marguerite Oligny buried at St. Bridget's Cemetery by an on-line search. Date: 23 Oct 1933, notes: Ae 100y 29d. It also has N. and Jas Goneau Oligny. Nothing else by N., but the following by Jas Coneau Oligny: 22 Dec 1835-3 Aug 1926, "May his soul rest in Peace". I haven't figured out who Jas is yet?

In the 1930 Riverfalls, Pierce County, WI Census, Marguerite and her daughter Odile JOHNSON are living with Alphonse. 
RAYMOND, Marguerite (I337)
65 I found Uncle John living with his half sister Minnie and her husband Cris BURRELL in the 1920 LA Census, maybe Caddo Parish? I can't quite read it. Sheet No. 6B SHEETS, John McDonnel (I25)
66 I have the original marriage certificate from Miller County for Maud and JD. Family F22
67 I have the original marriage certificate from Miller County for Maud and Wiley. Family F21
68 In the 1880 US Census, Monterey, Monterey County, California, Pierre, 65, is living with his 16 year old son Jose. ARTELLAN, Pierre Demerville (I4012)
69 In the 1900 Miller County AR Census, Marion's grand daughter Bessie EASLEY was living with Marion and his family in Cleveland Twp. Bessie was born February 1899 in Arkansas.

In the 1910 Miller County AR Census, Marion's Daughter Maud FURQUERON was living with him and Martha with her children, Jasper E. and Gracy FURQUERON.

In the 1920 Miller County AR Census, Marion's Grand daughter, Hadgie A. SHEETS was living with him and a wife named "Rachel". Hadgie was my grandmother. Census says Rachel was born in Texas. (I assume Martha died sometime between 1910 and 1920 and Marion remarried?).

Marion's death certificate has the following info:
Full Name: Marion M. McKenzie
DOB: Apr 1855 in MS
Occupation: Farmer
Informant: M.J. N. Joyce (Physician)
DOD: 07 Nov 1925 of Pneumonia
Macedonia Cemetery
Undertaker: B.H. Hensley, Fouke AR 
MCKENZIE, Marion M. (I32)
70 In the 1930 Contra Costa CA Census it shows William E. living in Concord CA and is divorced. It says he was born in MN as were both of his parents?. It also says he was an Electric Lineman.

At the time of his death, he resided at: Rural, Coulee Dam, Box #1, Grant County, WA. Julia resided at 1314 W. 14th, Spokane, WA. 
BAKER, William Edwin (I1186)
71 Information found on the internet provided by Carol Grady. I attempted to e-mail Carol but it was returned. DAVIGNON, Francois (I2119)
72 Information provided by Scott McKenzie: Mark's father was John PROCK, 1795-1883. John PROCK was probably the father of some of her other children but that is not known for sure. MCKENZIE, John Mark (I2211)
73 It has been told that Katherine "Kitty" was born while entering the San Francisco harbor while still on the ship. They came from Australia where several of her siblings were born. ROSSINI, Katherine (I1202)
74 James and Arminda's child was a boy and died very young. Information provided by Norma Weeks, Lufkin, TX YOUNG, Baby (I1301)
75 James Died a young man. Information provided by Norma Weeks, Lufkin, TX
YOUNG, James (I1299)
76 James, Elizabeth and Daisy are in the 1920 Miller County, Cleveland Twp, AR Census. MCKENZIE, James R. (I34)
77 Jeannine Miller, great granddaughter of Martha said they called her "Big Grandma" and they all loved her. Martha stayed with her daughter, America, and her family quite often.

Aunt Bill thinks that Martha may be buried in Sawyer OK. Information provided by Jeannine Miller.

Kathy Lueck has Martha's death date as 15 Feb 1913?

Martha and her brother Zile are living with their brother William and his wife Caroline and daughter Mary in the 1860, Monroe Twp, Sevier County, AR Census. Also living with them is a Tabby MCGUIRE, age 60. I wonder if Tabby could be a nickname for Margaret TATE MCGUIRE? 
MCGUIRE, Martha Ann (I1259)
78 John Rutkowski was naturalized 09 Sep 1887. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. RUTKOWSKI, John (I210)
79 John's Godparents were Joseph and Maria Benda. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. RUTKOWSKI, John (I264)
80 John's Obituary in the Dakota County Tribune, 15 Aug 1930, has him born 02 Dec 1865 but his headstone has the year 1864? STRATHERN, John L. (I4259)
81 John's wife Mary VASQUEZ is not listed with John in the 1930 Monterey Co, CA Census with John, Edwin, Henry, Stewart and Robert. PATE, John (I1211)
82 Joseph F. Simanek arrived in Baltimore 22 May 1870. He trained as a Blacksmith. He spoke fluent English, Czech and German. He wrote for a Bohemian newspaper in Chicago. He had his own blacksmith shop at the corner of Ashland Avenue and Chapel Street. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. SIMANEK, Joseph F. (I207)
83 Joseph lived and, I think, was born in Branice Bohemia, House #7, Veselicke (1822-52) Parish. He emigrated to America (Baltimore) 09 Sep 1868. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski.
KALAL, Joseph (I204)
84 Joseph Lyle and Helen were re-married in the Catholic Church a few days before Lyle died of TB. Their original marriage date is unknown. Family F5
85 Julius, Ellen, Basil and Myrtle are in the 1920 Myrtle Twp, Mountrail County, ND Census. EVERSON, Julius (I1475)
86 Katharina Barbara "Kate" Fuka's Godparents were Joanes and Katharina Fuka. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. FUKA, Katharina Barbara "Kate" (I170)
87 Kenneth is listed as insane in the 1850 census and living next to his sisters. Information provided by Pam Smith. MCKENZIE, Kenneth (I2157)
88 Leonard was Baptized in St. Stanislaus Church. His Godparents were John Muk and Agnes Kmieciak. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. (SMITH), Leonard Nadolney (I252)
89 Lonnie died a young man in the 1930's of TB. Information provided by Norma Weeks, Lufkin, TX CANNON, Lonnie (I1464)
90 Lyle's obit in the 17 Nov 1987 Daily Times (Salisbury, Maryland) says he died in McCready Memorial Hospital of a heart attack. He retired in 1984 after 28 years with Bethlehem Steel Corp. in Baltimore. In Crisfield he worked part-time for the Side Street Seafood Market. OLIGNEY, Lyle Anthony (I191)
91 Lyle's obit in the 17 Nov 1987 Daily Times (Salisbury, Maryland) says that Lyle died in McCready Memorial Hospital of a heart attack. He retired in 1984 after 28 years at Bethlehem Steel Corp. in Balitmore. In Crisfield he worked part-time for the Side Street Seafood Market. OLIGNEY, Lyle Anthony (I191)
92 Marcia Farina adds "As reported on the Atoka Cemetery website, Deloss' marker indicates he was born in 1867. Census records support 1868, the year Elva has in her records". PARKER, Deloss A. (I117)
93 Margaret was alive on 04 Mar 1931. She was the informant listed on her husband, Frank (Francis) Baker's death certificate. The story is that she died on the train trip home to MN.

There are several members of the STRATHERN family buried at Pine Bend Cemetery, Rosemount, Dakota County, MN. (John L., Margaret HASTIE, Mary, Roland S., Roy W., Thomas W., Tillie, W.J., William, Walter and another William). There is also a Margaret S. BAKER buried there. We think this is probably Margaret STRATHERN BAKER. Her stone has 1857-1931 which matches our dates for her probable birth and death. (This information can be found in Debbie Boe's transcription of the Pine Bend Cemetery). 
STRATHERN, Margaret Brown (I1197)
94 Maria's Godparent was Wenceslaus Benda. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. SIMANEK, Maria "Rosa" (I220)
95 Marriage witnesses were Joseph Simanek and Frances Fuka. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. Family F96
96 Mary (Mollie) was a rest home owner. Information provided by Norma Weeks, Lufkin, TX KNOX, Mary Loucinda (Mollie) (I1307)
97 Maryanna's Godparents were Marianna Rutkowski (Grandmother) and Jozef Wojtkiewicz. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. RUTKOWSKI, Maryanna (I285)
98 McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book F, Page 28: "431 31 Jul 1840 Elizabeth McKenzie now a resident of Randolph Co., Ala. to son Absalom H. McKenzie of same; Power of Atty. to collect her dower in estate of her late husband Chesley McKenzie late of McMinn Co. Teste: Mark McKenzie, Rueben Phillips." UNKNOWN, Elizabeth (I2117)
99 Michael's Godparents were Frank Fuka and Mary (Kalal) Fuka. Information provided by Bill Rutkowski. RUTKOWSKI, Michael Mathius (I254)
100 New York Passenger Lists, 1851-1891 at has Margaret HASTIE arriving 17 Jul 1852; Age 1828; Port of Departure Glasgow, Scotland; Destination New York; Place of Origin Scotland; Ship Name Wacousta; Port of Arrival New York. HASTIE, Margaret (I4255)

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